Open-Mesh OM2P 802.11gn PNP Wireless Mesh Mini-Router

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Open-Mesh OM2P 802.11gn PNP Wireless Mesh Mini-Router Description

Style:OM2P  |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging Beef up your wireless grid with the Open-Mesh OM2P 802.11gn PNP Wireless Mesh Mini-Router.If you need a fast, low cost, high-performing system that can easily be expanded as needed, monitored, and modified from anywhere in the world, this is the way to go. Set your unit up with ease, create the kind of WiFi systems you need, and provide pay-to-use WiFi services to your customers, all while protecting your own computers on a private network.Even better, charge directly through your personal Paypal account, which interfaces directly with the CloudTrax landing page.Open-Meshs CloudTrax is designed to seamlessly integrate with all their products. They even offer a free iPhone monitoring app.The OM2P router from Open-Mesh truly is an amazing bit of kit and offers a huge amount of functionality for the cost. It features a super-fast and responsive 400MHz Atheros processor and a massive 64MB of RAM which can handle video streaming, gaming, and multiple clients with ease. The OM2P has a maximum power of 400 mW and 26 dBm power output with external antenna support, supporting g/n wireless with speeds up to 150 Mbps and 300Mbps for the OM2-HS model.About the size of a smartphone, the unit is smaller than you would expect and is absolutely packed with features you would find in much larger and more expensive equipment. The OM2P Open-Mesh WiFi Mini Router is good looking, which means it can be installed in an office, school, hotel room, or cafe with no need for a special enclosure, although you may prefer one for aesthetic reasons or theft prevention.You wont find more for your money anywhere. This unit really shines!

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