The life science industry has made major strides in developing and providing patient-centered healthcare solutions. Yet, even with all of the regulatory incentives and medical advancements over the years, there still exist a number of vulnerable populations in need of treatment development.

Vulnerable populations affected by neglected tropical diseases and rare (pediatric) diseases are some of the most at-risk patients, and there is an increasing need for the research and development of medical countermeasures in today’s world. These diseases can pose a public health risk and place a significant social and economic burden on global communities. However, since treatments for the affected patient populations typically lack commercial viability, and face many pricing and access challenges, there is a lack of investment in the development and supply of affordable treatments for these neglected diseases.

The Collaborations Addressing Vulnerable Populations (CAVP) Forum is a platform dedicated to the steps being made across the biomedical landscape to provide healthcare solutions to populations that represent an unmet medical need. The CAVP Forum will provide attendees with the opportunity to attend sessions from five unique tracks. We will highlight how drug repurposing can alleviate development costs, discuss different ways to ensure access to safe and cost-affective drugs, examine regulatory pathways and incentives targeting rare and neglected tropical diseases, and explore public–private partnerships that support the development of new treatments for vulnerable populations.

This forum will provide attendees with the opportunity to attend sessions from the following unique conferences:

Priority Review Vouchers

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Strategic Partnerships for Drug Repurposing

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Neglected Tropical Diseases

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Pioneering Investment and Business Models for Drug Development

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